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July 23rd, 2010 at 09:35 am

I guess a sort of introduction would be good as the first post.


I created this blog to track the efforts of myself and the hubby in our challenge of living and doing stuff more frugally in Central Texas.

Right now we are two people and two cats living with one income.
Most of our ways in living aren't that frugal, I think, but my husband tells about several of his coworkers who are with two equal incomes and way more broke than we are. So even when we'll be back in having two incomes (or an income and half, as I might consider a half time job) finding ways to pinch the pennies occasionally does not hurt.

In our house, my husband is the one who loves getting new clothes more than I do. I'm more a gadget and computer lover, and he's worse in that than i am.

He likes eating out way more than I do. I always make my own lunch, and love trying new things while cooking. I love when eating out is a special treat instead of a daily occurrence.

We both hate hairdressers, or more specially having anyone with a sharp metal object around our necks. I like cutting his hair: his hair is curly and easy to cut, and he (like most men) look awesome with a classic cut. Hey, my mum cut my dad's hair for over 40 years saving a huge penny. And he usually keeps my hair even length now, at least until I figure what low maintenance haircut I want next. (In the past fifteen years, I think I've been to hairdressers about five times in total, all while having a short hairdo that I loved. I'll probably go back to that again as long hair sucks for swimming).

We both like to travel, and for five years we lived in a forced long distance relationship. During that time, the airlines made a huge amount of money as we lived in different continents. Now that the long distance is over, we still like to and have to travel. My mum lives in Europe, and we have to see his parents too. And as visiting relatives doesn't count as free and enjoyable travel, one of our saving objectives for now is travel: we want to see South America, Asia and a bunch of random places.

I like gardening too. Should I say frugal gardening? I love growing pineapples (from a pineapple), and herbs and tomatoes, and citrus trees. Right now in my balcony I have a banana plant, a lemon tree, orange tree grown from seed (12" or so tall), and bunch of tomatoes, an avocado plant, coffee plants, pineapples and a sago palm.

And we both like reading but are not too good in remembering to return library books always in time. That brings challenges too.

So, based on the above some things are easier to save money on than others. Haircut is the standard, and could be counted as instant $ 50 to travel funds. Right now we are experimenting in getting more in clothes, books, foods and eating out - so that pretty much covers everything in life doesn't it?